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How to Easily Space Out Your Curtain Rings

If you read my previous blog post about the power of curtains, you know I am not a fan of rod pocket or tab top styles. Meaning the top of your drapery is fabric, and this fabric moves and bunches on the curtain rod. Unless you plan on not moving these styles of curtains, it can be a complete pain in the ass to open and close them. (Also no dramatic "seize the day" effect) So an easy and affordable solution is curtain rings, however spacing them evenly is also- a pain in the ass. To avoid whipping out the tape measure, because we work smarter not harder here, try these easy and simple steps.

Before You Get Started

  • Make sure you have 9 rings for EACH curtain panel. Did I yell that loud enough? If you're a frequent shopper at places like Target, like myself, curtain rings often come in packs of 7. This method will not work with 7, and you will create more headaches than harmony. So do your future self a favor and make sure you have 9 for each panel.

*Tip: If over time you find your rings aren't gliding as smoothly, try balling up some wax paper and rubbing it aggressively on your curtain rod. Yes, you will look crazy, but your curtains will no longer be driving you crazy-so who's winning here? You are my beautiful decorator. Now let's get started


how to evenly space your curtain rings

No. 1: First Fold

Fold your panel hot dog style and clip 3 rings, as you can see in the picture. 2 rings at the ends of the panel and 1 on the fold mark

how to evenly space your curtain rings

No. 2: Second Fold

Now take that hot dog and make an even smaller one by folding it in half again. Then we place 2 more rings on each new folds you created, totaling 5 rings clipped, like the picture. (2 on one side-3 on the other)

how to evenly space your curtain rings

No. 3: Third Fold

You guessed it, now we will fold the panel in half one more time. Creating an even smaller hot dog. This creates 4 more folds for you to clip on one side, with the previous 5 on the other. Thus, giving us the final magical number of 9 ring clips. Now all you have to do is unfold your curtain and voilà! You now have a curtain with evenly spaced rings, great job!

If this has inspired you to revamp your space and you feel more overwhelmed than excited, you are not alone and we are here to help! Connect with us below!

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