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How Curtains Can Transform Your Space

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Finally, it seems the funk of 2020 is drifting away and I’m sure a lot of us are ready to get on with our lives. And being stuck inside of our houses for so long can really add to the need for a “change of scenery” that is invoked when reflecting on this shit show of a time. Yet, full renovation may not be in all of our budgets. Sometimes the easiest way to add affordable luxury to our spaces is just as easy as adding the right curtains.

Curtains can add drama, make your room more relaxing, or even trick the eye and make it seem you having taller ceilings. Like wearing artistic jewelry, dying your hair, or putting new rims on a car, curtains give you the opportunity to show your individual style in your home.

Yet, often curtains are viewed solely as a functional item. Which yes, curtains do provide us with privacy and block out the sun, however, they can also set the Mood.

For our client in Hayward, CA we kept within budget by substituting verticle blinds or sliding panels (and saving upwards of thousands of dollars) for curtains. From using these black-out grommet curtains we are providing her privacy- essential for a bedroom, energy efficiency, ease of use, and setting a lush and relaxing tone for her bohemian bedroom.

Before hanging curtains, there are some tips that can help you get the most out of them.

1) Locate the highest point to install your curtain rod- the higher the curtain rod the taller your ceilings feel

Photo by CB2

Typical curtains come in lengths of 84”, 96”, and 108”, when measuring be sure to include at least a couple of inches of extra length to ensure your curtains will drape on the floor and creating a more luxurious look.

2) Measure the width of your opening

More likely you will need a set of 2 curtains per window, but what you are striving for is to make sure there is at least a couple of inches of extra fabric on each side of the window/door to cover it completely. Usually, curtains come in widths of 48”-50”, sometimes 3 curtains might make more sense, but

making sure your curtains are fully covering the window/door creates a sense of thoughtfulness in your space.

3) Consider what type of curtain attachment works best for you

Like relationships, you can have healthy and unhealthy attachment styles with your curtains. No, not really- I couldn’t resist. BUT how the curtains attach to the rod can greatly affect how you will use them. Personally, I like to dramatically open curtains like in the movies, to help motivate me to start my day. If you’re like me, you will need a grommet style or purchase curtain clip rings to make this dramatic entrance to your day possible. (these are inexpensive and can be found at Target or Amazon)

4) How much light do you want to let in?- 3 Common Types of Light Filtering

Sheer- Very low light filtering, think of a scarf over your lampshade

Lined- Medium-light filtering, also some added privacy from your nosey neighbors

Blackout- About as close to a cave you will get and very private

Hopefully, these tips have helped and inspired you to spruce up your space. A lot of us had a hard time in 2020, but if you had a roof over your head there is something to be grateful for. Now you can show your home how grateful you are by putting some love back into it. It's almost impossible to thrive in a dusty environment, and you deserve to live fully, in your own way, every day. If your space needs more than just a curtain refresh and you want more help to transform it, feel free to reach out to us we are here to help!

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