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Hi I'm Brittany


Hobbs Home Designs was created in 2020 because of my passion for creating welcoming and beautiful homes. I named HHD after my late father's construction company; from childhood, his work showed me how transformative home renovation could be. Ever since I've been "healthily obsessed" with interior design, and I can't tell you how many floor plans I drew up for my stuffed animal's imaginary homes. 
Besides my juvenile experience, before HHD, I worked directly in the field for five years, personally designing and project managing over 80 homes. During this time, I ran into every possible hiccup and obstacle imaginable. Now as an Austin Interior Designer, I value those moments the most for strengthening my creative problem-solving skills and giving me the knowledge to help great people like you.
I know your environment has the opportunity to affect your overall wellness in a positive way. It can help you feel focused and inspired, relax, or motivate you to take on your day. As humans, we love to gather in beautiful spaces, and I know good design helps cultivate that ideal gathering space for you and your loved ones. So, let's get started on your home today.

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